Women teaching and equipping other women.

Whether you've never been to church before, you attend Northview regularly, or you attend another church on the weekends - you are welcome here! Join us at one of our Bible studies!

We offer a variety of weekly study opportunities, with occasional conferences and retreats to supplement the regular study of the Bible.

All of our studies are expositional (working through a book of the Bible or section of a book sequentially) and inductive (asking a series of questions which help us observe, interpret, and apply the Biblical text).


Our Bible Studies take place from Fall to Spring each year.

2023 Bible Studies 

Wednesday Morning Precept Study

Northview Mission Campus | Wednesday 9:30-11am

Starting September 13, 2023 | REGISTRATION CLOSED

Ezra & Haggai

You can trust God. Experience what it’s like when God places His hand on the lives of His people in Ezra and Haggai to prove He is the promise-keeping God.


How do you respond when the enemy tries to interfere with God’s clear direction? The enemies of God sought to frighten Nehemiah as he proceeded to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. Nehemiah shows us leadership and obedience in the face of opposition, as well as God’s miraculous blessing and provision.

Monday Evening Bible Study

Northview Mission Campus | Monday 7-8:30PM

Starting September 11, 2023

This fall we’ll be studying Paul’s Epistle to the Galatians! It’s probably Paul’s most urgent, zealous letter as he addresses false teaching in this young church that is causing them to desert Christ. By studying this letter we’ll learn that it’s only through the perfect work of His Son Jesus that God has freed us from the curse of the law, so we can be free to love one another and ultimately Him. There’s nothing you can do to earn your salvation or add to what Jesus has already done. “For freedom Christ has set us free” (Galatians 5:1a).

This study is approximately 2 hours of weekly homework and uses Northview curriculum.


What is Inductive Bible Study?

We believe God still speaks today and that His primary and authoritative way of doing this is through His Word; all 66 books! We believe taking in Scripture is a necessary part of the growing Christians life.

We desire to GROW in knowledge that results in women who look more like Jesus. We desire to SUBMIT to His Word. We desire to KNOW God: His character and ways. We desire to KNOW Jesus: what His life, death and resurrection accomplished (the gospel!).

We use the Inductive Bible study method. This method utilizes 3 tools: #1 Observation (what does the Bible say?) #2 Interpretation (What does this mean?) #3 Application (What do I do?) Through personal daily study, participation in weekly discussion groups and the teaching that follows, we strive to grasp God’s Word at a deeper and more impactful level.