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Kids Ministry is available at our 9am service. This is for nursery (6 months - 2 years), preschool (ages 2 - 4), and kindergarten through grade 5.


Are you interested in joining our weekend leadership team? We would love to have you! We are looking for volunteers for elementary, preschool and security. If you have questions please email Pastor Chrystal at claforest@northview.org.

Child Dedication

At Northview Church, we aim to equip our parents to raise deeply rooted kids who love our great God, and child dedication is part of the journey. Child dedication is the parents’ affirmation before the gathered church of their intent to lead and spiritually nurture their child to know, love and serve God.

  • Child Dedication Classes and services are held at the Abbotsford Northview locations as well as the Mission location
  • All parents must attend a Child Dedication Class prior to the dedication service
  • If you’ve already attended a Child Dedication Class, you do not need to attend again


Your child is a beautiful gift from God and we are here to care for and love your baby or toddler. We also are excited to help introduce your child to their Creator through play, songs, stories, and prayer time.

Our nursery is for babies and toddlers from 6 months – 2 years old. The Nursery is located upstairs in the North Building (above the Worship Center).

Our nursery features:

  • Carefully enforced check-in system
  • Strict enforcement of volunteer/child ratios of 1:3
  • Weekly cleansing and disinfecting of toys
  • The most loving and gifted volunteers to care for and love on your littles


Preschool is for children aged 2 – 4. Each week your child will be welcomed by caring and compassionate teachers and helpers. Your child will participate in singing and will hear the Bible story creatively taught, followed by prayer, Bible verse memorization, activity time, and craft. The activities relate directly to the Bible story and allow the teacher to re-tell and reinforce the Bible lesson. Your child will be personally prayed for each and every week they come.

We are committed to meeting their needs for love, security, understanding, and acceptance in a world that is unstable, competitive, and sometimes violent. Our programs are kid-oriented, our teachers and supervisors are carefully chosen, and our curriculum is Biblically sound. It is a privilege to care for your children here. Together as a team, we are growing tomorrow’s leaders. Let’s give them the best. Let’s give them Jesus! After all, they are HIS kids!

Grade School

Children in Kindergarten through Grade 5 gather for a time of worship before being divided by grade to meet in their own classroom for activities, Bible study, and prayer. Our children are taught the Word of God using Gospel Project.

Here we seek to sow seeds of faith in our children by teaching God’s Word, modelling godly character, and displaying Christ’s Love. Our programs are kid-oriented, our teachers and supervisors are carefully chosen, and our curriculum is Biblically sound. It is a privilege to care for your children here. Together as a team, we are growing tomorrow’s leaders. Let’s give them the best. Let’s give them Jesus! After all, they are HIS kids!

Each week the kids are given a memory verse to memorize. We use the NirV Bible as it is very kid-friendly. This Bible is available for purchase on the weekends for $25.

Preschool Bible Presentation

If you have children who were born in 2019 and currently in the Age 4 Class/entering Kindergarten in the Fall, we’d love to invite you to our Preschool Bible Presentation on Sunday, June 16, 2024! Together we will celebrate your child and present them with their own bible on stage in front of the congregation! 

Click the link below to register.

Register Here For Preschool Bible Presentations!

Northview Kids Day Camp 2024

Registration opens on May 15th at 12:00pm

July 29 - August 1

Monday - Thursday

Grade School Camp

k-5 in current 2023/2024 school year

9:00am to 3:00pm


Register Here!

Frequently Asked Questions

Anything and everything you may need to know about registering for and attending Northview Kids Day Camp!

Q: Is there a waitlist?

A: If a week of day camp fills up, a link to register on the waitlist for that week will be posted to the day camp website. 


Q: I was only able to register some of my multiple children and now that week of camp is full. What should I do?

A: If you were only able to get one/some of your children registered before your desired week of camp filled up, we highly encourage you to put the rest of your children on that week’s waitlist. We are usually able to get many children off the waitlists and into camp.


Q: I registered my child but entered some of the information incorrectly. Can that be fixed?

A: If there are any errors in your child’s registration (ex. wrong t-shirt size, ), email daycamp@northview.org, include what the error was and what the correct information is, and we will fix this in your registration.  

Q: Can I get a refund if I cancel my registration?

A: You can get a full refund up to 2 weeks before camp starts.


Q: What if I miss my week or a few days of camp?

A: We can not refund for partial attendance, but we can make sure you get crafts and anything else you might have missed while you were away.

Q: What supportive care can you provide for my child?

A: Northview Kids works hand in hand with Imagine, Northview’s supportive care ministry. If you have a child who requires extra supportive care, fill out the Day Camp Supportive Care Form, and we will work alongside Imagine to see what kind of support we can provide.


Q: Do you provide discounts or sponsorship?

A: Cost should never be a barrier to send a child to day camps! Email Sarah at spulko@northview.org to request support!


Q: My child has food allergies and aversion, are there food alternatives?

A: We will always try to provide alternatives for kids with allergies and aversions based on registration information.

Q: Can my children be in the same group?

A: We divide groups by age group. Some groups can expect to be grouped by one grade year difference. Small groups are generally divided by gender in grades 2-5.


Q: Can my children be in the same group as their friends?

A: Though we can’t promise we can make your preferences for groupings happen, we do try to take the into consideration as possible.


Q: My child didn’t get in the same group as I requested

A: If it proves detrimental to their day camp experience after the first day, email us at daycamps@northview.org, and we will see what we can do! Keep in mind, small groups are also sorted into large color groups that also rotate together, so there are few times small groups are participating with other groups.

Q: Will I need to sign a waiver?   

A: Yes! Each child attending will need a waiver signed for them individually. Please read over and sign the online waiver that will be available on the registration confirmation email!


Q: Why do I need to sign a waiver?

A: Our waiver is highlighting that there’s risk involved with this ministry as any ministry, and while we don’t foresee any risk of those things happening, we want families to be aware that we are not liable for their child’s actions, in-so-far as is reasonable. If something dramatic happens totally outside of our control, these were risks you were aware were technically possible, though wildly unlikely.